New Website. Own Domain. Finally!

I remember, I have been wanting to have my own domain ever since I learned that I can earn more moolah than my blogspot-tailed url can promise! (Whaaaat? LOL!) but I changed my mind and decided to put up a different site instead. Yeah, I let go of giving this blogspot his own identity -- but relax and wait my blogspot, we'll come to that point! :D

My new webspace is where I post all the photos I have taken with my pentax k-x, my new buddy! Yes, it is a photoblog and it is the first item I am slashing off in my to-accomplish list this 2011! Woot! I do not do own hosting though. Perhaps in few months' time, and I will yet consider this webhosting site. For now, I will just read their webhosting reviews, and i'll see which plan's the best.

I'll make a separate post for the link of my new site! :)

Repost: On Vacation

I was browsing my archives and found this post. I was just a student then who always craves for a break and wishes that college would be over -- and yeah it did happen! But sadly, I learned that because college is over does not mean I got plenty of breaks and vacations! In other words, be careful with what you wish for blah blah blah! :)))


Yeah. It's official. But, ugh, I can't seem to organize some plans for this much awaited break! Hmm, I'm thinking though -- if I can just let things happen spontaneously. No plans. No schedules. No schemes at all. Hmm, that, I hope, would be more exciting. Nah. I'm sure that that is a better idea. Yeah. Because, whatever happened to the time tables and working plans I made that I promise myself would have followed in the entire semester? Yeah right, it worked. And yeah, I don't mean that!

Well, now I'm dreaming. Ever heard of SeaSide? Uhm, that's just a place to pamper yourself. All right, that is being sketchy of me. So, uhm, that place is actually a first-class resort where the 4-star Myrtle Beach Hotel is located and where the white sandy beach is just footsteps away. Argh. I'm drooling to experience the luxurious Myrtle Beach vacation deals even for this short break that I have. Oh, that is a total drivel! But for the people who can go there for real, well, I tell you...staying at the SeaSide would be boring without their world-class amenities. Would you not enjoy their helicopter tour package? Or their so called enchanted sailing charters? Or the first-class spa service? or whatnot? Here,, click away!!!


Related to Previous Post!

I did mention from my previous post that college has been a great experience! Okay, I only mentioned that it was fun but the former was what I was trying to imply...

One of these great and fun experiences, I remember, was when I got to plant 13 trees! Fun, because I was with my friends when I did that. And great, I still need to explain? I'm sure you know why! :)

Because of that, I am now a certified Planter! Haha! An Outdoor Planter to be more specific! And because you like this post and you love plants, you are checking this Garden Planters' website! :D

Fond of Teaching!

When I opened my facebook a while ago, I saw a friend of mine posted on his wall that he misses college! We had graduated just last year and oh yeah, he already wants to go back to everyday of sleepless nights, every week of exams, and to feel again the agony of awaiting the results! Who would want that, raise your hand!!

*I'm raising my hand!!* Hahaha!

Yeah, without being sarcastic, I miss college too! All of the things I listed above were just a fraction of the whole college life! It's just too many to mention the rest parts that make up the majority -- the fun part! So people, help me overcome this fond-ness... who wants Chemistry Help? Physics Help? Or just any Homework Help? I might be of help! :)

Sports betting, anyone?

I have never done this before and never will I in the future! But I have known some who make their living thru sports betting. And they even get rich because of it.

Tempting, isn't it? Haha. So for those of you who like this kind of stuff, check this sports betting site! You can choose from basketball to baseball to soccer and even to sports for handicappers!

All right, I wish you luck! :)

I miss my sister...

It's our first time to celebrate new year without my sister. She is now 6-7 hours away from us and we are missing her...

Happy moments with her flash back everytime I see someone wearing hospital nurse uniform . We can still get in touch with her though. Thanks to the one who invented the internet!

Off topic, I am an engineering graduate but I think wearing medical uniforms is cool! And these are dickies medical uniforms, cool indeed huh! LOL.

Happy this new year!

I am very excited on what God has in store for me this 2011! For sure that's gonna be great! Who could go wrong with God's plans anyway?

And since it's new year, I have to be renewed as well! Haha. You know, trying new things, going out of my comfort zone, and all that old stuff that one is resolving during this first day of the year!
So, speaking of new things, I've decided, I will have my own domain now and will do own hosting for it! Cheers!

I have checked this webhosting site and they summarized some of the best deals on webhosting in the wide web! Click away folks and let's all have a happy new year! :D