Fond of Teaching!

When I opened my facebook a while ago, I saw a friend of mine posted on his wall that he misses college! We had graduated just last year and oh yeah, he already wants to go back to everyday of sleepless nights, every week of exams, and to feel again the agony of awaiting the results! Who would want that, raise your hand!!

*I'm raising my hand!!* Hahaha!

Yeah, without being sarcastic, I miss college too! All of the things I listed above were just a fraction of the whole college life! It's just too many to mention the rest parts that make up the majority -- the fun part! So people, help me overcome this fond-ness... who wants Chemistry Help? Physics Help? Or just any Homework Help? I might be of help! :)


Online Tutor @ January 14, 2018 at 9:31 PM

Thanks for this inspiring post. I love tutoring too.