Enjoying my internship so far.

Spending my vacation-slash-internship here in Benguet.

Unfortunately I am not able to give the details since I have a very limited time here in Baguio. We're going back to Philex Mines community in few hours.

But I promise to share all my experiences as soon as I get home. All right.

Hehe, senseless post.

I am Leaving

I'll be having my internship at Padcal, Benguet. In the next 10 hours, I am leaving. I am excited, sure, but I am somewhat sad about it since I can't spend my summer with my family and friends. We had our first get together in Batangas though. But the heck, of course that's not enough for this summer. After all the strains from my academics, I deserve more indulgence than that. Yeah boy, I do.

Oh, well.

Aside from the training, I do not know if I can still manage to do other things. I even don't know if I have internet access there. Oh noes, having no internet access would be as boring as watching GMA's TV programs (LOL). So I just hope I have. Anyway, the company is Philex Mining Corporation. But wait, I'm not going to mine gold there.haha. Of course, my training would be chemical engineering related -- stuff like separating metal from its ore. All right, before I get too technical, I'll have to stop there.haha. So speaking of metals, just in case you are searching for online store of steel bars for aerospace purposes, here's the link: aerospace metal alloys. I wonder if Philex Mines does metal alloys. Well, never mind.

Spam Messages Are Not All Spam. So Be Careful.

Someone has spammed me this. Even so, I took time to read it and got guilt-struck. And I hope, after reading this people, you'll be able to reflect on what the message says.


Are you a pleaser or a servant?

Jesus said, "And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. . . " Mark 10:44-45a (NKJ)

Serving others is a biblical command that comes with a promise that if we humble ourselves in service to others that we will be seen as "first" in the eyes of God. Who of us doesn't want to receive God's approval and enjoy the rewards of His favor? But many of us who are naturally inclined to serve can slip into a pattern of doing it out of fear of rejection or desperate need for human approval.

How can we tell the difference? How do you know if you're serving for the right reasons? Here are some clues:

PLEASERS. . . measure their worth and identity by the response they get from others for what they do. They tell themselves, "If I'm a good person people will approve of me."

SERVANTS. . . recognize that God values them so much that He created them with unique gifts and abilities that can be used to help meet the needs of others.

PLEASERS. . . often neglect their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They often feel guilty if they take time to relax, do something just for fun, or buy something for themselves.

SERVANTS. . . recognize that they, too, must have adequate rest, nourishment, and encouragement in order to be strong enough to contribute to others.

PLEASERS. . . are often motivated by guilt. They say yes to many requests in order to make up for some sin or failure (real or imagined) they haven't forgiven themselves for. Sometimes they feel guilty just because they believe they are inadequate or inferior to others in some way.

SERVANTS. . . are motivated by love. This could be love for the person or cause that they are serving or simply love for the Lord. Out of gratitude for God's love and forgiveness, they allow Him to love others through them.

PLEASERS. . . act out of need for recognition and attention. They want to be perceived as selfless, but, truth be told, they like impressing people with how busy and indispensable they are.

SERVANTS. . . act out of a desire to please God. They see their efforts as a response to the Lord's command to serve others. Their goal is to hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" They can be content behind the scenes because they know God sees it all.

PLEASERS. . . often give mixed messages. They say yes to requests and take on more responsibilities, but often complain that they have too much to do.

SERVANTS. . . say yes only when they are able to sacrifice their time or resources willingly and cheerfully, and say no when they are at their reasonable limit of obligations.

PLEASERS. . . often struggle with feelings of anger and resentment because people don't appreciate how much they sacrifice to meet the needs of others. They receive an unhealthy satisfaction from being a "martyr."

SERVANTS. . . are able to serve for the joy of serving and aren't as dependent on the appreciation of others to determine their feelings and attitudes about their service.

PLEASERS. . . feel that they can, or must, do it all alone. This is partly because "if you want something done right, you do it yourself" and partly because they're reluctant to "impose" on anyone else to help.

SERVANTS. . . recognize that others may actually enjoy helping and can accept that others have abilities that will contribute to accomplishing a goal - even if they don't do it the same way.

PLEASERS. . . have low self-esteem and are often threatened by others who might be able to perform as well or better than they can. They may criticize how others do things in order to make themselves appear more competent.

SERVANTS. . . have high "others-esteem." They appreciate the gifts and abilities God has given to others and delight in how the variety of gifts in a team of servants works together for a greater result.

PLEASERS. . . feel overly responsible for the outcome of their efforts. They tend to try to control or manipulate the way people respond to their "help" and become frustrated when people don't cooperate. The resulting sense of personal failure contributes to their feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, and resentment.

SERVANTS. . . do what they can and leave the rest to God. They understand that God is in control of the timing and circumstances of achieving a goal, whether it's changing a life or organizing an event. They "let go and let God."

So, are you a Pleaser or a Servant? It comes down to two things: attitude and motivation. The Scriptures give us some guidance on how we should approach our opportunities for service:

This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends.John 15:12-13 (NKJ)

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Romans 12:10-11 (NKJ)


Make sense? Now, which are you? Do you know your real self now?


Random Topic: Ink Cartridges

Who would dare to purchase ink cartridges online? Well, definitely not me. I don't find it convenient since there is already a nearby store of ink cartridges here in our place, which is just a five-minute walk from our home. And besides, with all the shipping costs, I think it would be more costly to have it purchased online.

Oh well, for those of you who are willing to do it so, just give this inkjet cartridges online store a try. They offer high quality ink cartridges products like that of Canon, as well as Epson Ink Cartridges. And to make it even more enticing (haha), they have a free-shipping promo everytime you spend $39 (or more) worth of products.

Hmmm...shall I change my mind? LOL.

When Melancholy Strikes...

Lights off.
12:28am on my watch.
Everybody's found rest along with a summer rain.
Inside my room, listening to somber music.
Everything was darkness,
Except for the bogus light that came from an entity brought about by human intelligence.
I looked at the mirror and I can't see my self.
Seriously, I can't see the real me.
Perhaps due to the ambiance's saturation.
I looked again.
I recognized a different person.
I saw a gush of tears.
Copious emotions were coming out of that person's soulful eyes.
Would you tell me who I am?
Would you tell me where I have been?
And please, tell me what I have become, would you?
I was trying to understand what had happened, but I failed.
I tried to recollect from the past but it's just purely contrite thoughts I was getting.
When will realization come into existence?
Would it take longer than the time for a theory to become a law?
I wish it wouldn't because I want it now. I need it now.
But that's the way it is, as whispered by a psyche of nowhere inside me.
I need to get through a lot of sacrifices.
A lot of proof should be defended.
I wish I just have to draw a line.
I wish it's just as candid as singing a song.
I wish I could have just listened to a subtle violin passage.
Oooh how I wish it could be as easy as that and everything will be all right...

Expanding My Network

Though some of my friends consider me as a very people person, for me that isn't entirely true. It's true in a sense that whenever I am faced to a bunch of people, I know how to handle myself in front of them. I talk to them. I am being folksy, and I make sure that I'd be as humor-sensible as I could. haha. The truth is, I summon a lot of self-confidence whenever that happens, and sometimes it makes me quite spontaneity-deficient. But honestly, despite that fact, I still don't consider my self as a person who likes meeting new people, a lot of new people rather. I don't seclude myself from the people around me though. And as a proof, I joined different social networking sites as though I'll be meeting new friends. Yeah, I know there is a huge difference between real people and online people but sometimes online people tend to become more "real" than real people. I hope you're getting what I am up to.

The newest social networking site I discovered that I'm now starting to enjoy is the acobay. What I want in this site is that networking happens by people searching for the "stuff" they want and eventually get connected to other people who like the same "stuff" as well, and not by people searching for other people and from that, may or may not create a connection out of random stuff. I do not know if the former's better but the latter, as far as I can see from the old existing networking site, became a way of stalking people. LOL.

I can mingle with other people from the books I want to read to the music I enjoy listening to. I also get to know people who like the same movies and TV programs as I do. And people can get in touch through just anything. So there it goes. If you find it cool, I encourage you to join the site and let us all be connected.