But if the bright lights don't receive you...

...you can turn yourself around and come on home.

Ooops! dont get me wrong. This isn't another hapless, emo post. Well, as it may seem, I don't deny that I am feeling a bit dismal tonight though. But if you know the song, well, I hope you can relate. It's just sometimes, you made a decision, and it then turned out to be totally different, afar from what you had expected. What else can you possibly do, when you're already being caught and dazzled by that bright lights? and when that bright lights deprived you of seeing things other than its glare? Resist it, I dare you, when you get there. Oh, yes...seeing the song from the receiver's point of view, huh! (of course, except that I am a boy). If you still can't relate, just please listen to the song, and you'll see. I hope you do. Anyway, it's glad to know that after all those wrong moves, people are still there, ready to listen. And what's even overwhelming is that they but pay attention and understand. They define loved-ones. Awww!

Well people, by bright lights, of course you do know that I don't simply mean light fixtures. Sure, chandeliers can be as dazzling, but it can never be as deceiving...Oh well, it's nice to see some home lighting again, and feel really at home!

Repost: Something to Break the Stress-Streak...

We have just been assigned our undergraduate research topic and my group mates and I are on the search for a "publishable" plant design. As the professors were discussing what we ought to be doing, me and my group mates started getting that tight feeling in the chest. This is going to be one loooooooong academic year. I am now on my 5th year as a Chemical Engineering student. Next year, I hope and pray, I will be graduating. We are only on our first week of classes, but it feels like a month's worth of studying already. I never imagined myself to be a library-person, but as fate dictates, I've started to spend my time at the college library every after class along with my group mates. If you are familiar with the show, it has been Big Bang Theory-type of conversations do happen in real life.

I would like to repeat that it has only been the first week of classes on our final year as students, yet we already feel like we're being deprived of life! Hehehe. We are already aching for fun!!! Any kind of it...please? *sigh* People have different ways of coping with stress (detoxify, if you must), but myself, I prefer gaming! Yay! But first, I need to buy me a new console...Since I don't have the time and energy to go shopping for a new gaming console, I've searched for online sellers and came across ShopWiki.com. The home page has a nice, cool and clean layout, and what amuses me about this selling web site is that it has its own search filters. If I want to buy a red gaming console that costs under $50, I can just adjust the price range AND select the color red in the product color filter.And voila! Out of the web page comes a candidate to your request! How cool is that?!

My schedule has been keeping me away from updating myself with the "tech" world, I wouldn't know which console to buy. Good thing that ShopWiki contains entries describing the products, like Handheld Gaming Guide and Video Game Controllers. Hah! I can't wait to get my hands my hands on those! Stress, be gone!

Weather and Sports

Lately, I have taken interest in the weather. Sometimes it even becomes a topic for conversation. I feel so old.

April and May are summer months here in our country. This year, we have experienced the "wettest" summer months, at least in my existence. Believe me, after almost two months of cold and gloomy weather, I began to miss the sun. Almost every single day, it would rain. Perhaps this is one of the effects of global warming. I knew we should have listened to Al Gore! Hehe.

June, on the other hand, is supposed to signal the start of the rainy season. Guess what? The weather is hotter than Hades, humid as...humidity can be. There. I can almost blame the heat for my non-productivity. I'd rather lay in bed than do anything that would make me break a sweat, and with this weather that could mean an activity as petty as standing up.

And since I had been blabbing about weather, I read online that the US Open golf season is on going and the weather is giving the players a hard time.

Thinking of golf and the tranquility of the golf course leaves me at peace. Hey, if you're somewhere near the area and are experiencing great weather, why don't you try golfing in Myrtle Beach? Surely you folks could use some Myrtle Beach golf vacations!

You just need to click on the links, and you will be directed to their site. The place looks amazing! You would've been crazy not to go appreciate the green of their golf courses!

Tempted? Check out their golf packages and go book your golf session online. Go on now, you lucky one! Stretch those muscles and breathe fresh air!

Also, say "hi" to the sun for me!!!