Music has never been my passion...but listening to this "particular kind of music" has become my escape whenever I am depressed, upset, overpowered by somber stuff, or whenever I am under pressure and compelling tasks start to act upon me and destroy my very state of equilibrium.

So without further fuss...this music I am referring to is...classical music genre.

While studying Engineering Science, I am listening over and over again to three various version of canon: Canon in D major of Pachelbel, Canon in D performed by Vienna Boys Choir, and Canon in Piano. Here are sample vids:

Piano Version(I uploaded two piano versions to give you a chance to judge which one is better)

This one is performed by Vienna Boys Choir.
I don't know, but this version made me focused -- a great motivation indeed!
Their angelic innocent voice...I just so love it.

I hope this version, a peaceful and soothing one, can help you feel relaxed and at least slacken off a bit your busy day...

That's it.

I hope you enjoy too :)

Reliving the Passion for History

When you ask a graduating high school student to choose between History and Engineering related courses, they would probably choose the latter. Try to ask the parents of this student and you will get the same answer. The parents will most likely prefer an Engineering/Natural Science/Health related course for their children rather than liberal arts or social science courses like journalism and history, respectively. The point is, the demand for these courses is decreasing ever since the modern technology arose or perhaps when consciousness to health became the trend. Practicality is the main reason, I guess. If you are the type of person who does not value passion that much, and being practical is your principle, you won't go on choosing fine arts over nursing when you know after graduation a work abroad awaits you, will you? No, you won't. I'm sure.

This post is actually a tribute to my History teacher in high school. Back then, I appreciated this subject more than the other subjects during high school years. But for whatever reason, I must confess that the level of appreciation decreased. Probably because of my course - Engineering, that is. It is indeed too technical and sometimes I think that it is not anymore practical. I even came to the point of getting bored. I got uninspired. Thanks God, I didn't quit. I am now on the process of loving my course.

Oh no...I think I am turning aside from the main subject of this post.

Anyway, just want to tell you people that this is a call - a call for giving justice to History, the subject itself. It's enough that you haven't chosen it over the course you are taking up now. If you don't like it..that's fine. But you don't go on giving wrong definition of what the subject is. I am now hating people in the university who keep on inflicting that history is nothing more than a boring field of study, not-so-recommendable subject, and whatnot. But in fact...It isn't about reading a one or two-inch thick reading materials. It's more than memorizing a bunch of terminologies. And it is more than a study of events in the past...

I am not able to give you the right definition of history so I am giving you the link to the blog of my high school teacher. She really can tell you what history is...

BANDing with the BANDS

Just wanna share my experience last Friday in the concert organized by FOPC for freshmen at Bahay ng Alumni in UPDiliman. I was assigned in the registration to assist the freshmen who will watch the concert. We do all the stamping, and constant reminding of what to do before one can enter the said venue. Also people tend to inquire us all the questions about the concert(although we're supposed to answer inquiries regarding registration only) that's why sometimes we get stunned and cumbered if we do not know what to respond to someone who has an inquiry that is not related to registration stuff. It was so stressful and yet we still have an urge to laugh out loud whenever someone is joking. I am with my orgmates that's why I don't get bored and dead air barely happens.

But wait, there's more...the most interesting part of the event aside from watching the concert for free is to see all the bands at the backstage. We have an opportunity to ask for an autograph and we are able to take some pictures with them. Wahahaha. Here are some of the photos taken by Javi:

Kean of Callalily and me...

Miguel of Pedicab with Ayen, Javi and Brilly and me...

Ney of 6cyclemind with John, Gilbert, Javi and Ayen

P.S. Perstaym ko magpa-autograph sa bands. LOL!


Yesterday is the opening of the 71th season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines(UAAP) and I watched it live at the Big Dome.

But hey! What's with the photo of the oblation statue, you're maybe asking. Pardon me but I really can't find a good analogy between this oblation statue and my decision to watch the opening of UAAP season 71. I posted it here nevertheless. But wait, let me try to build some connections first:

Let me start with this - University of the Philippines is the host of UAAP this year. So instead of the logo of the university, I chose to put the picture of the oblation statue to add some drama in this entry. And besides, this one is the trademark of UP. Being a UP student, I must support the event, the truth is...I am required to watch the opening although I don't want to. But there's no regret since I've seen a well-prepared, two-thumbs-up opening number.

Unfortunately, watching the event means I have to allot some time for this. And this "time" should have been spent in studying my lesson since I have an exam on Monday. And What am I doing now? Blogging!

Anyway, forgive me for this bad analogy: oblation is synonymous to sacrifice. And being in the opening yesterday, it meant that I have sacrificed my time to study for the exam.

I know I'm not supposed to use oblation in this context but I have to end this post now. It's already late and I can't further think of a good analogy of the photo and my decision to watch the event

*yawning* Good night...

Life is a chienne

Shit happens.

Yesterday I received a death threat. Well, not really a death threat, just a threat. Also, by "I", I meant Rachel (my sort of best bud in ALCHEMES), who received it through text from an anonymous sender. It goes like this:

"hoy sbhn mo dyn s mara n yn n wg nya kng tntguan kng ayaw nyng mdmay lhat kauspn nya ko hndi ung pra ung pusa n ngttgo. F u a"

What the hell?! Bloody idiot even disregards his/ her vowels! Point is, if any one of you guys knows who the owner of this number- 09099793466- is, please do tell me.

Bloody idiot ruined my nerves. I could not go anywhere in UP without a companion for fear of having muriatic acid splashed on my face. My first instinct when I read this message told me to immediately tell the biggest, most bodyguard-looking close friend in the vicinity, who was Ralph Villa.* 

I suspect he began to speculate what secret life I must be living to warrant such threat. He kept asking me what have I done or whom have I offended. I assured him that I am a Catholic high school graduate and had been consistently receiving unbelievably high GMRC marks. That I had never been on the receiving end of a serious "fuck you" message, except from him- Ralph. And that "fuck you" from Ralph, if I remember correctly, was said in an endearing manner as a reply to my coquettish greeting to him.

Arman overheard our conversation and told me not to take such message seriously. Jeff Tsai told a death threat-related joke. I did not get it. I laughed. Ralph told me it could be a plot to prevent me from concentrating on studying for my ES13 exam on Monday. I semi-agreed. Rachel and I began to formulate other theories, one of them quite hilarious, and therefore unlikely.

My nerves were horribly shattered. I pretended not to give a damn all through ChE's 134 and 122. I failed miserably, Jeff and Rachel (seatmates) could sense my paranoia. It was stupid to be paranoid since the sender might have intended it to be a joke.

ChE 134 that day was horrible. I could not digest a single lesson, which was quite common as I believe nobody else fully understood the lecture. Our group's proposal for the design-design thing had been turned down. Again. It is possible that we remain the only proposal-less group.

ChE 122 that day was equally horrible. I was possibly marked "absent". In a cruel twist of fate, my group was called to recite during the thirty seconds I left the room for a biological break. 

Ay, ayay! I have a threat and I'm stunned.

I am scared that I might have unknowingly and unintentionally offended someone. It disturbs me because when I offend someone, I want it known and intentional.

I am not hiding from anyone, by the way.


The better person in me, let's call her "Bel", told me I should just focus on positive energy. Thinking negative attracts negative events. I don't know how the creators of that dvd documentary "The Secret" came up with this logic, I suppose they said it to spite the (scientific) Law of Attraction.**

I walked home in the rain that night. I did it for that dramatic effect so that when people see me they'd think I must be a hopeless romantic! Also, it was Friday, so in case I get sick- I'll have two days of recovery.***

I began counting things I'm grateful I retained about 60% of what I learned in Chem 153 and other stuff. Then, as I was emanating positive energy, I stepped on a puddle of rainwater and piss. Great. I could tell it had piss, dog's or man's, I can't really care. I thought happy thoughts...

I got an advance happy birthday gift from Ervin- a dvd of the two Futurama movies. So what if every conversation I ever had with him turned out to be bloodletting activities? He still burned a dvd for me, which was a very kind thing to do.

I reached home, reeking of piss. Our dvd player won't play the dvd.

* My second instinct told me to tell everyone else of this "threat".

** My dear friend Cubsie lent me a dvd of "The Secret". Basically, it is about this mystic Law of Attraction- positive attracts positive. When you want something or someone, you just have to think you or you'll have it, and voila! It will come to you.

Cubsie lent me this dvd with the intention to help me improve my "affair", so that, in his words "para hindi ka na mahirapang i-seduce si ano!". Cubsie, you're the best!

I employ this mystic Law of Attraction tactic and I fear I already border on disillusionment.

*** I now realized that people must have thought me an idiot for walking in the rain, all while holding a wet folded umbrella.