Repost: On Vacation

I was browsing my archives and found this post. I was just a student then who always craves for a break and wishes that college would be over -- and yeah it did happen! But sadly, I learned that because college is over does not mean I got plenty of breaks and vacations! In other words, be careful with what you wish for blah blah blah! :)))


Yeah. It's official. But, ugh, I can't seem to organize some plans for this much awaited break! Hmm, I'm thinking though -- if I can just let things happen spontaneously. No plans. No schedules. No schemes at all. Hmm, that, I hope, would be more exciting. Nah. I'm sure that that is a better idea. Yeah. Because, whatever happened to the time tables and working plans I made that I promise myself would have followed in the entire semester? Yeah right, it worked. And yeah, I don't mean that!

Well, now I'm dreaming. Ever heard of SeaSide? Uhm, that's just a place to pamper yourself. All right, that is being sketchy of me. So, uhm, that place is actually a first-class resort where the 4-star Myrtle Beach Hotel is located and where the white sandy beach is just footsteps away. Argh. I'm drooling to experience the luxurious Myrtle Beach vacation deals even for this short break that I have. Oh, that is a total drivel! But for the people who can go there for real, well, I tell you...staying at the SeaSide would be boring without their world-class amenities. Would you not enjoy their helicopter tour package? Or their so called enchanted sailing charters? Or the first-class spa service? or whatnot? Here,, click away!!!