UP ALCHEMES' official entry to Engineering Week Short Film Festival

Here's a teaser-slash-poster of HILOM -- UP ALCHEMES' entry to Engg week short filmfest.

The story was a collaboration of Bol Lagunday's and my braincells.

Directed and edited by Louie Barcelon.

In behalf of the casts and crew(naks parang totoo ah!) of the film, I would like to thank Ashley Baliong and Bianca Huit for the camera we used, and Ayen Buenaventura for allowing us to shoot --another teaser-- the shower scene in their apartment.

*to all non-Filipino readers of my blogger account, HILOM means "to heal" or some sort*


Why do we have to worry,
when in GOD we can find sympathy?
Why do we always fear,
when GOD controls the steer?
why do we have to sheer,
when we know the way is clear?

Oh Lord, quicken my shattered soul
With you, I know I am whole

Direct me in this trail of life
Walk with me in this narrow path
Unload me when the road is getting steep
Until I found my way out, secure my every leap

To GOD Be The Glory!