I wanted to but I can't...

Since it's sembreak, I got to find a way to unwind myself after all the strains, if you know what I mean, the last semester brought into me.

I wanted to try skydiving and scuba-diving.

I wanted to travel alone. I wanted to go to Batanes and see its untouched beauty. I wanted to go to Bohol and have a tarsier on my palm.

I wanted to sit on one of the hills of Tanegashima and witness the twilight sky when the sun is visibly in its perfect shape. I'll stay at my very position, wait for the stars to appear and then I'll stargaze.

I wanted to go to Europe. See the midnight sun in Finland for real and spend time in at least one of Sweden's many lakes.

I wanted to go to New Zealand and taste a real fresh milk.

I wanted to buy an SLR camera to have all these photographed.

I wanted to try all these stuff but I wasn't able to since I don't have the moolah. Oh, yeah, money!

So instead of indulging myself the way I wanted to, I just busied myself watching my favorite american series, reading books I promised myself to read during sembreak, and seeing some great movies.

And now I am giving you my top 2 favorites among the movies I have seen during the break.

Here they are:

1. The Shawshank Redemption

This movie was shown more than a decade ago and it's sort of regretful on my part because I have just seen it yesterday. I'm not getting into giving details about the film since you can check it over the web. All I can say is the acting of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is superb. The ending is quite surprising too. Watch the movie for you to find out why.lol.

The film was actually based on one of Stephen King's short stories, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. And trivia: it is the highest rating film in imdb. Check it out!

2. I am Sam

This one is soooooo two thumbs up too. The story is very very touching, which made me teary eyed.lol. Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer really deserve their awards for this film. If you watch it, you'll have your eyes glued on the screen because
of the comedy-twisted drama. And most of all, the reason why the film was so wonderful is because of the lesson it conveys. Learn it yourself after watching the film.lol.

On Love

by Woody Allen

Is it better to be the lover or the loved one? Neither if your cholesterol is over six hundred. By love, of course, I refer to romantic love- the love between man and woman, rather than between mother and child, or a boy and his dog, or two headwaiters.

The marvelous thing is that when one is in love there is an impulse to sing. This must be resisted at all costs, and care must also be taken to see that the ardent male doesn't "talk" the lyrics of songs. To be loved, certainly, is different from being admired, as one can be admired from afar but to really love someone it is essential to be in the same room with the person, crouching behind the drapes.

To be a really good lover, then, one must be strong and yet tender. How strong? I suppose being able to lift fifty pounds should do it. Bear in mind also that to the lover the loved one is always the most beautiful thing imaginable, even though to a stranger she may be indistinguishable from an order of smelts. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Should the beholder have poor eyesight, he can ask the nearest person which girls look good. (Actually, the prettiest ones are almost always the most boring, and that is why some people feel there is no God.)

"The joys of love are but a moment long," sang the troubadour, "but the pain of love endures forever." This was almost a hit song, but the melody was too close to "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy."

-The Early Essays, Without Feathers


"Hope is the thing with feathers." -Emily Dickinson

Twelve Minutes

Eleven minutes and forty-five seconds had passed. It's almost time but there was no sign that it was about to vanish.


"Ang depression o stress daw naglalast lang for 12 minutes then after that, kung depressed ka pa rin, self-induced na yun"

This statement had become an everyday statement of my friends who regarded last week as their hell week, our hell week, in fact every UP student's hell week.

Everyone was stressed. Sleepless and worse, mentally afflicted. And to make it even worst, depression came together with frustration.

I detest it - the feeling that frustration gives. The feeling of having disappointed expectations and thwarted goals. I hate it when you know in yourself you've done your best and then in the end you'll realize that your efforts weren't enough to attain satisfaction.

I intensely hate it when all your mistakes flash through your mind as if telling you that you could have done better and that your inner ego, your self worth, starts to diminish.

It's a nice thing though. I mean when realization takes over, this could make you a better person, or so somehow. Oh well...

Is this the law of equal trade?The law of conservation?That in order for you to gain something, you should give out an equal value.

The Elric brothers once believed in this so called law of equal trade but changes do happen, especially when all your life you lived in innocence then one day you'll find out that you are ignorant and not innocent. Ergo, they were deceived by the law.

And now, I think I'm experiencing the same.

I am now giving myself a warm welcome to life. It's unfair and not every effort you gave in always has an equal trade. And that's a fact and rather not a law.


Twelve minutes had passed. My time was up but the feeling was still persistent. :(