This Baby Runs On Water

I first heard about this on 2004, during the presidential elections. I came home from school to my Nanay's "alam mo bang may kotseng tumatakbo sa tubig?!".

She saw Mr. Daniel Dingel's invention on UNTV's Kakampi Mo Ang Batas kasagsagan ng 2004 elections. Perhaps to get people- (presidential) candidates- to notice. Ang mga tungaw, walang time i-update ang sarili sa Science and Technology. Tapos namatay pa si Raul Roco.

Such a misfortune too that such genius be shown on an obscure tv program. Nasaan na ang malalaking networks?!

Sadly, kulang siya sa suporta. And you can go search the web for conspiracies surrounding the supposed- no, OBVIOUS- suppression of the invention's development.

Yep, this is old stuff, but I think it's about time for it to be hyped- or rehyped.

This is an appeal.

Water Car on Youtube

This is one of the things I am passionate about, hopefully people would notice. I can only create hype for Mr. Dingel. It is up to my readers to do the deep thinking part.

I could write a longer essay, but people nowadays don't have time to read.

A Melancholic Update

It's raining outside and I feel like updating this blog(at last!)...

Aside from being unmotivated to write about stuff like what happened to me one or two days ago that deserves to be noted here in this blog, review for the music I have heard that gave me a last song syndrome, things that made me sad last week such as failing in a quiz or giving a wrong answer to my professor's question, or the simple sharing of some interesting information, if there is any, about myself, I don't find enough and wise reasons why I subdued myself into the world of blogging. But here I am, making this post, proving that sometimes one can get an inspiration just by pondering some somber thoughts...

I am a new blogger and it's obvious - with just four entries since May and very few visitors. Nothing special about this blog, really. But who the heck cares? Every blogger experienced this. I mean they all went through this point - no reader(s), no visitors as if no one gets interested in their site. They didn't have an instantaneous traffic to their site just after creating a post or two, right?

So here I am, hoping that along the way, as I continue to write entries and make updates in this site, perhaps I can find a good reason why I am here, blogging. Who knows? :) And as for the traffic, I don't care much about it, really. I want it though. But the most important for to express myself. That's all, really!


I have to do this post to authenticate this blog at!

Anyway, Good Morning!

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification


Hello everyone!

I just made some changes here in my blog.

Oooops! It's not anymore MY blog, but OUR blog.

Yes! I now have a partner.

Watch out for our posts :)