On Video Games (again)

Looks like it's my calling to blog this thing. :) I have blogged about video games last year, but now lemme try to give you a more matter-of-factly discussion about different guides with regard to such thing.

I'll start with handheld gaming guides. And of course, I have narrowed down this guide to PSP of Sony and DS of Nintendo. The DS, short for Dual Screen, has two vertically stacked screens (the lower is touch screen) which is very similar to a notebook format. It has a classic standard directional pad; still having A, B, X, and Y buttons along with so called shoulder buttons. However, this Nintendo's console is being phase out due to the arrival of sexy DS Lite. They revised DS into a slimmed down hardware that has the same functionality as the first one but is much lighter and smaller in dimensions. But the good thing is, DS Lite costs as much as DS's price, that is $130. This is relatively cheaper than a $169 PSP (Playstation Portable), which is Sony's entrant to the market. This Sony product sports a magnificent TFT LCD, having a 16:9 aspect ratio and to put it to layman's term...you are like watching a movie in widescreen format. The controller configuration, like Nintendo's DS, is similar to it's original classic console controller -- standard circle, X, square and triangle action buttons along with a directional pad and of course shoulder buttons.

Speaking of controllers, it is one of the necessary stuff to consider in buying the video game console you want. These considerations include but not limited to compatibility, design, system speed, as well as graphics capability. I'll just give you this video game consoles guide link for you to know what kind of system that suits your needs best.

My Birthday Post

So, this is it, my birthday post. :)

I hope I am able to publish this just on time, just before this day, my birthday, ends. Knowing me...who always have a hard time organizing my thoughts, I reckon I won't be able to make it before 12 o'clock strikes. Well, here goes the drama of my day. Yes, I am claiming it...this is my day. Period.

I planned to celebrate my birthday with a good cause. Something that is unique and a celebration that is worth remembering and if not exceptional, at least seemingly extraordinary or quite far from just ordinary. And that after some significant years, if God permits, I have something to recollect from with excessive self-esteem, considering that it was my 21st year of existence on this planet. I wanted it to be memorable. Who knows this would be my last birthday. Life is very unpredictable and we must learn to number our days. We never can tell what a day may bring forth, really.

Ergo, I decided to join an event that concerns about the environment. And wishful as I was, God granted my desire -- my angkan family forged a tie-up event with ecotour, an organization that advocates the importance of the environment. These events were mangrove planting and coastal clean-up in Cavite, my home town.

But, sheering of events is uncontrollable, which is always the sad part. My supposed happiest day of this year, 03-15-09 (I told you about it in my previous post), became, all of the sudden, culpable of the shift of events. 03-15-09! I came home very late, slept late and awakened very late. And oh noes, it just meant I was late in my appointment. I tried my best, my very best, to make it on time. But I failed. Good thing was that I was able to witness a bit of the program. Oh well, trite as it was, "better late than never" is always true. And I'm glad I was still able to celebrate a portion of my day with my angkan family.

This year, I have received more greetings than last year. Yes, I am counting these greetings. Even though the greeting was just a simple "hi happy birthday" or someone just happened to know it was my birthday and he/she felt an urge to greet me out of "pakikisama", as long as sincerity can be felt, well for me that matters a lot. I was remembered, at least. And even for just a minute, someone has flexed a muscle and cared to send me a message through text, or through whatever social networking site. And that also matters to me. And I say, it really really has an impact on me.

So, to all the people who remembered me this day...SALAMAT at pinasaya niyo ang araw ko.

I'll be better now. Less talk and more of listening. Less of being tactless but more assertive. Less of being judgmental but more critical. Less ambitious but more of envisioning. Less of old Joel and more of a better me.

Pre-Celebration Of My Birthday


This day, without exaggeration, was the happiest day of my year!

I went out with my PI100 classmates (and professor) to a trip that was really really sooooo fun, and yet (guess what?) educative! LOL!

I'll give you all the details one of these days. But for now, all I can say is that...I am still hyped with the experience we had. Experience that was, sorry for the term, deplorable for those who did not come with us. Awww...sad!


But...if only "that" did not happen, this day could have been perfect, apparent as it was. And yes, contradicting as it was, this day can be a sad, hapless day should I see "it" from a perspective of bad angle. Grrrr..."that" ruined it all.

Today is my birthday by the way...

Everybody's Changing But I Don't Feel The Same...


I feel sad about it.

Help me get over it would you...

And I'll be fine. Definitely.


The title is irrelevant to the post. Can't think of a good title for this post and so I just parallelized it to the sound I am listening to while writing this entry. It's a sad sad song...just like what I am feeling now... :(

Oxymoronic Entry

I shan't be posting this one, but it bugs me persistently for about 3 days already.

It's just SAD when something happened that you didn't expect to happen and worse when this "something" was done by "someone" whom you trust and whom you anticipate the least to be doing that "something" and as if all the favors you've done were repudiated.

Oh well, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE after all. And one thing I learned is that you can't really put your 100% trust to any person -- NO EXCEPTION.


ANYWAY. No connection to the post at all, but I'm GLAD that my blogger account keeps on grabbing tasks -- sponsored posts -- which means more and more funds to my paypal account! Yehey! :)

Still have one task left in my task bag, so farewell for now :)