the third time is this

This is my third entry that connects me to YOU. I could not really explain what's gotten into me right now. Why, all of the sudden, I jump into a thought that I am wanting you to just play in my mind over and over again. Even if it gets me fazed. Hmm...yeah, sort of. This is how I exactly felt when I first made a blog post in here about you. Well, not actually about you, but rather FOR you. And as far as I can recollect, the second was neither about nor for, but as I had sketched those words, you were yet again playing in my mind all along, and all through out, if there is a difference between the two. So technically, it's you again who induced me to perk up this outdated blog.

Oh, well, thank you. So, shall I fire my thoughts away? Hmmm...all right.

Some "things" are bound to be just appreciated. I stress on JUST. There are "things" that are best from afar or say, from a certain distance. That you have to maintain that dreadful yet something-to-be-grateful-of distance; because if you don't and you try to draw nigher into it, depreciation takes over. And worse, when you get to the point where that "thing" is, you'll realize that you are better off away from it. But that's a very lucky situation you can get in. Because, possible are the chances that you are totally restricted and wired from getting closer to that thing. Ergo, no matter how you try, and no matter how you try to think of ways, you just can't go nearer into it, and finally comprehending -- you are only bound to look at it from afar. :(

stuck in reverse

I haven't been updating this blog for like a month or two now. All right, what I mean is, I haven't done a REAL blog post since...uhm, I actually don't know when. I got no sense of time recently. Many things had happened in a spur. And up until now, things are happening so fast. It just can't help but to put any plans and timetables you got in disorder. Well, isentropic life would be boring anyway, so just compromise and let it be. Now, I can just hope to sketch some unfeigned me in here. Although, I am supposed to be in chemical-kinetics mode right now; enticed am I to do other stuff such as this one, sadly. I am relieved, though. Because, I am doing something, at least, rather than nothing.

I got a lot of things to say. things that I want to clear up even to myself. But as many would say, "I can't express myself. I do not know where and how to start it off."

D**n life. No matter how I try to fix it, it just gets more and more disarrayed.
Anyway, here's how I prefer to put my thoughts:


Stuck in Reverse

Was this what you call echt?
When there was a spontaneity dearth.
You thought it was non-reversible.
But equilibrium was the main principle.
To make it forward-biased, you wished.
Sadly, not enough was what you unleashed.
You yearned for it and gave a hopeless sigh.
For you, 'twas the last and do-or-die.
Until you knew the opposite was the dominant.
You became less chromatic but more resistant.
So then, you still fight but stuck in reverse.

Re: Finger Print Lock

I thought I can only see this in high-tech futuristic movies, but it's sure existing for real -- opening a lock using your fingerprint. Our technology is indeed getting more and more advanced. From old fashioned key lock to number-combination-requiring lock, and now, I just can't imagine that we already have a keyless lock, or a fingerprint lock.

Less hassle --you need not to carry your key every time and everywhere -- is not the only advantage of this keyless lock, but less worries (not like keys, you'll never lose your fingers, right?haha), and a lot lot more secure and safe home for us.

With a relatively achievable price, this keyless lock can program up to 50 fingerprints and has a one year battery life. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

made my day.

"How tired I am of this unbearable distance between us.
How I long for the toll of the recess bell.
Have you forgotten me?
Grown mindless of me?
Tell me I am not writing into an abyss.
Or that is what will become of my heart."

-from this video:

How to fix your credit

Hello people! I found this site where you can have a credit repair. Actually, the site is not helpful to me since in the first place I don't have my own credit card and loans that I need to settle. But just in case you are looking for a company that can fix credit and you want an online solution for it, just give this a try.

Here's how this credit repair service works: Once you submit your credit record to the company, which is done online, they will go directly to the institutions who are responsible for the negative and incorrect data on your credit report. They'll have these negative information removed through the credit reporting agencies and a copy of written transaction will be sent to you for verification.

If you wish to know more on how they repair credit, just go to their site. :)