I want more paypal funds!

Oh noes! I'm stuck at googling this book I need for my plant design. It isn't available anywhere in the world wide web. I mean, I can't find a free ebook of that book in the internet. I already tried everything, even the illegal ways. WTH!!!

That is why I really love blogging! Haha. Where's the logic, boy? Uhm, that I won't tell you. All right. I'll get it on now.


My sister just had her 23rd birthday last last week, and I can't remember any of her birthdays that I gave her a present. Yeah, I know. I'm such an idiot, apathetic, loser and whatnot brother! Boo me! But, if only I had overflowing funds at my paypal, I would have certainly bought her this girly stuff. Uhm, how would she look like if she is wearing this petite clothing, I wonder. Oh, and she likes wearing jeans a lot, so I'm thinking if she likes any of these jeans collection. Ugh. Maybe I would just let her choose among these women's fashion trends. Btw, before I forget, those are just if-only statements. Haha!

Always will I find rest in You.

When I say, "I am tired"

God says, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."