Which is better, recycling or reusing?

Recently did I learn that there is a big difference between reusing and recycling. Though it's kinda late (considering that I am already a college student), I'm glad I did.

I took an environmental engineering course last semester and it really helped me a lot in realizing that as an engineering student I can be of great help with regard to promoting environmental issues. Actually it's not that I entirely did not know the difference between recycling and reusing, but I must admit that after taking the course, it was sort of embarrassing to myself that there are lot of misconceptions (which I am believing) about the two that must be corrected.

Anyway, I will not be posting my lectures on that course. But for sure, this post will have a follow-up entry, or entries! As regards to my question, it's actually rhetorical. We cannot say one is better and the other is inferior because both of which should be practiced: your skip bins contain wastes that can be categorized as either reusable or recyclable, or both. And speaking of categorizing wastes, maybe choosing the right hire bin can help you for that matter. Actually it does help. The design of skip hire matters a lot in providing solutions in wide range of solid wastes.

it's time to get LOST again!

It has been gone for quite a long time but it never loses its way back to television!

Yes...LOST is now ready to get you lost again -- leaving you clueless to every suspense scene of twists the fifth time around!

Another one heck of a ride to its roller-coaster-like flashbacks and flash forwards (where this series is known for) will surely perplex its long-been-waiting fans there out. Well, as for me, I hope it will.

But I think I need a bunch of recollection from the fourth season, also to get me thrilled again for the season 5! lol!

Anyway, I will start downloading new episodes as soon as may schedule has slackened off. Can't wait for that day!

Here take a look at this poster to somehow give
you some sort of anticipation:

Don't you miss them?

Taym Pers muna!

Basta ito yung binabanggit namin kapag gusto namin itigil muna yung nilalaro namin nung bata pa kami :)

Anyway, ito rin pala ang unang entry ko sa taong ito, at dahil bagong taon na...magtatagalog na ko sa blog ko! Ayoko na kasi magpanggap sa kakaingles! lolololol!

(Kung meron pa ring hindi pinoy na bumabasa ng blogger account ko, pasensya na. Pero malamang di mo rin 'to maiintindihan kaya pasensya ulit)

O basta kung gusto mo libangin sarili mo, tulad ko na ayaw muna ipagpatuloy ang paggawa ng report ko sa 140, labas ka mamayang hapon at abangan mo yung moonrise. Sabi kasi sa yahoo news, ngayon daw magpapakita ang buwan sa pinakamalaki nitong anyo ngayong taon. Kung ayaw mo maniwala, tsek mo dito:

"Sana umalis na yung makapal na ulap na humaharang sa kalangitan ko, este sa lugar namin" :(