A Sunset Story

The setting of the sun begins around 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon. It is best whenever the weather is great - unclouded day, no rain or storm and all that.

One good day, when my friends and I strolled around Manila, we decided to stay at Manila Bay until the sun goes down. We want to witness the sun as it bids good bye to all the people that hated him(the sun) because of the hot climate that day. Poor Mr. Sun, sometimes people just don't understand why he is doing that.

Anyway, that day, despite the boredom and exhaustion, became a veeeeeery wonderful day for us. It was my first time to witness a play in which the casts are Mr. Sun, the clouds around him, the mountains, the sky, and the bay itself. Here's the story....

This photo was taken just before the setting of the sun at Manila Baywalk located at Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines.

In this scene, the sky looks very calm. Who would have thought that a noon,when the sun isn't ready to go down(he is still up there),can actually ma
ke a beautiful image such as this one?
The Bay seems sad though. But nevertheless, this one is something that you should not miss when you visit Manila.

Another great view that can cr
eate an impact to the audience of the play is when a ship is passing by the bay.

The ship is like saying go
odbye to the reflection of the sun, thanking the sun for letting him(the ship) to witness the play.

This one is still at Manila Bay. The sun is preparing himself already for his farewell.

This image is not the highlight of the story yet. It signals the climax though.

When watching the setting sun, one of the best part is to be stimulated lightly by the warm colo
r of orange - a perfect feeling after experiencing the calmness brought by the cheerfulness of yellow and before the aggressive color red intensify the stimulation.

There it goes! The climax of the play.

When the sun is already in his perfect shape.

The three photos show how the sun set has ended. It's sad but it really has to end.

All of these happened in one place - at Manila Bay.

In spite of the rumor that the bay is barely well taken care of, we can't deny the fact that whenever we pass by the bay and watch as the sun sets, we tend to forget all the worries and problems that the whole tiring day brought about us.

So at the end of the day why not learn to ponder...contemplate...and reflect at the drama of the sun set...

A Sweet Escape

It happened last March 9, 2008. It was a required field trip in my Archaeology class that my classmates and I should comply if we opt not to take the final exam. Who would have chosen a burdensome exam over a fun trip? Not me definitely! So I packed my things up, prepared myself physically and mentally, and!...the most important - have my digital camera charged. Because for sure a pictorial session of breath taking views and camera whore classmates(including myself) awaits me.

The trip is in Batangas. In some places there that can be considered as archaeological sites. Our professor decided to go Sta. Teresita, San Nicolas, and Taal. In particular, we visited sites that have church ruins except in Taal wherein we visited a historical Church.

Here are some photos that can help you visualize the whole picture of these places:

These two pictures show the trail going to the ruins of old Bauan Church located at Sta. Teresita, Batangas.

Breath taking view at the site...

Sta. Teresita:

San Nicolas:

The Ruins...

Sta. Teresita:

San Nicolas:

But the highlight of the trip is when we visited the historical church of Taal
- the Taal Basilica

The TAAL BASILICA is said to be the largest, but if not, certainly one of the largest as well as one of the oldest churches in Southeast Asia. Located at Taal, Batangas,Philippines.

The wall of the church, the columns(both Corinthian and Doric), the paintings inside, the whole structure of the church itself, and even the solemnity of the basilica are preserved over a long period of time.

This is definitely a pride of the country and a treasure worth preserving for. That is why all Filipinos, well if not all, at least the Taaleños should be proud of this one.

Going to these places seems boring but the feeling of seeing these places not only in any travel magazine,newspapers, or books, whether it be online or not, but in actual - making us all touched the ruined walls of the church, stood in front of the door of the church that once existed in this world, amazed not just by the beautiful sceneries as we go along the place but also by the fact that these archaeological sites can also be considered as a tourist spots, and most importantly, we have learned something valuable which somehow made us proud of our country.

This trip isn't really an excuse for us not to take our final exam but it is a sweet escape from all the mental and physical sufferings we had experienced and will experience in school. :)

P.S. The ruined wall of St. Martin de Tours Church of San Nicolas is made of corals.