Because of too much french fries and soy milk...

So I decided to write again. I thought that I would never update this blog any more. I even forgot my password --what a shame! Anyways, still the same old me who likes saying anyways -- and so too -- in my every write up. Blame it to my very limited vocabulary! I just finished eating one large french fries as my first meal of the day. Oh wait, couple that with a glass of soy milk that caused my left nipple to shrink. The last two statements have no connection to the first ones. At all!  You see, told you that I am still the same. I still have this digressing writing skills and it's getting even worse in the past years. It's funny how this kind of writing skills gets worse when you are not writing at all. Tell me, you think so too. Don't bother to continue reading as this is a pure ramble. I am warning you now so I won't be expecting you to give any shitty side comments as this post gets shitty (as it is supposed to).

It's past 2AM now and few hours ago I had the most regretful risk I took. Ever. And I tell you, sometimes not taking risks at all is a better option than the opposite. Yeah, contrary to those people who advise me to do the opposite as that is what life is about. But the heck, who are they to tell me what my life is about? I just followed their advice and few days from now I will be receiving probably the most dreadful criticisms I will have in this life. And those are no constructive ones for sure. Those damn judgmental people. I wouldn't expect anything less from them. Now I am hoping that the best physicist there is in this planet would have his eureka moment now and invent time machine, whatever it is that could make me turn back time.

Okay, that was a complete nonsense. I am digressing again. Let's get back to my shrinking nipple. Seriously, I think I get this because of this soy milk addiction.They said too much soy milk could even cause a cancer. But then, I think I think too much. In fact, my case is not too much. (So, you just read too much of too much. There's still more of it don't worry too much haha). I mean I only drink about 400 mL per day and I read even 2 liters is not too much for a day. Anyways, too much or not, still my left nipple is shrinking. What to do? what to do? I repeat, what to do, what to do with this shrinking nipple? Somebody heeeelp me!

On large french fries, I have been a fan of Mcdonad's buy one take one free large fries for the past few weeks. I know it's too much, okay. But who would not for just 50 bucks? And that could fill about one third of my required daily calorie intake. So if ever you visit me here in Taiwan, I buy you a........french fries!

Last digression, forgive me please. I just want to redeem myself and would try to make any sensible point here. I don't want to waste your time because you decided to continue on reading. And that's too much kindness of you when I already warned you not to. So, now I have proven that too much of saying too much something is really bad enough (and spice girls did not exist for nothing haha you sure know the connection). May it be too much soy milk, french fries, or just anything. Sigh... I hope that it's only about those small little things. But, it's not. I put too much trust in someone. Someone I barely know and I think I had given this person too much information about...too-complicated-to-tell, that I would be regretting I did. I hope I figured it wrong though. Still giving this person the benefit of the doubt and hope that everything will fall into the right place despite what happened.

Time to make amends. I am better than THAT. Crossing my fingers on this and still being positive.