On Travelling

Good Morning People!

Just got home from a vacation. It was kind of spontaneous trip this holy week because we haven't booked or reserved accommodations to any beach resorts. The trip was either in San Juan or Calatagan, Batangas. But since it was unplanned, fate brought us to Nasugbu. Haha!

So there, after 7 hours of travelling and searching of a beach resort that has a good accommodation and beautiful sceneries, we ended up at Kawayan Cove. But no regrets because the place was a hidden paradise in Batangas. Here (photo from flickr.com):

But I tell you, 7 hours of travel is no joke, especially when you don't know where you're heading to and worse when you travel on a rough road. And yes, we experienced that! But luck was still on our side because we haven't experienced being stranded in the middle of nowhere, where car repair shops are nowhere to be found. Imagine if we were to replace the head gasket of the our ride? Hmmm, maybe it would have taken us more than 12 hours for the travel alone. I hope we also have this Los Angeles Auto Repair in our country, which we can access online! The site also offers specific auto repair service such as for Ford Explorer, Audi A6, etc. But as for a longterm solution, those rough roads must be reconstructed to smooth, hassle-free roads. Hello, 2010 Batangas Offices' Election Candidates!