Repost: On Relieving Stress

I've been finding ways to relieve my stress brought about by my weekly deliverable on my major major subject. Yeah, you've read it right, major major! I have four major subjects this semester and this major major subject I am talking about is the most stressful one -- plant design that includes mass balance, energy balance, leaching, ball milling, mixing, crystallization, melting, etc, etc. Oh, yeah! It really is a nerve-cracking subject. If only I can fast-forward time and make this all over....sigh.

So, what do I do?I need a break. Some suggestions I got movie, time zone, videoke, trekking, or just sleep all day. I think the latter was the most appropriate for now since I haven't got enough sleep since last last last week, no exaggeration! Instead of doing that, however, I choose to spend my time in front of my laptop which includes doing some research yet again for this major major subject and of course, blogging!

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