Student loan, anyone?

If you're in college, and you are desperately latching onto different ways to obtain instant moolah, you probably might want to try student loans. How? well, ask me!

I've been applying for student loan since second year because of -- uhmm, do I really need to say it? -- selfish reasons! hehe. Actually, during that time, as I was in despair and in headlong rush of accumulating instant wealth (LOL!), I ventured to a "business project" (notice the quotation marks!), which only meant that I will have to offer off my tuition fee. And obviously, I won't be able to enroll that time, so my resolve was student loan! And now, because of that, I am applying for student loan every semester.

If you got the same problem as I did, I'll have to advise you not to do the same! Imagine the hassle I have to go through every semester, I told's not really advisable. Anyway, if you insist, you might want to try this Private Student Loans offered by Next Student. I haven't tried this online College Loans yet, but it seems rough-and-tumble-free service. Well, you tell me after trying it! :D