But if the bright lights don't receive you...

...you can turn yourself around and come on home.

Ooops! dont get me wrong. This isn't another hapless, emo post. Well, as it may seem, I don't deny that I am feeling a bit dismal tonight though. But if you know the song, well, I hope you can relate. It's just sometimes, you made a decision, and it then turned out to be totally different, afar from what you had expected. What else can you possibly do, when you're already being caught and dazzled by that bright lights? and when that bright lights deprived you of seeing things other than its glare? Resist it, I dare you, when you get there. Oh, yes...seeing the song from the receiver's point of view, huh! (of course, except that I am a boy). If you still can't relate, just please listen to the song, and you'll see. I hope you do. Anyway, it's glad to know that after all those wrong moves, people are still there, ready to listen. And what's even overwhelming is that they but pay attention and understand. They define loved-ones. Awww!

Well people, by bright lights, of course you do know that I don't simply mean light fixtures. Sure, chandeliers can be as dazzling, but it can never be as deceiving...Oh well, it's nice to see some home lighting again, and feel really at home!