Random Topic: Ink Cartridges

Who would dare to purchase ink cartridges online? Well, definitely not me. I don't find it convenient since there is already a nearby store of ink cartridges here in our place, which is just a five-minute walk from our home. And besides, with all the shipping costs, I think it would be more costly to have it purchased online.

Oh well, for those of you who are willing to do it so, just give this inkjet cartridges online store a try. They offer high quality ink cartridges products like that of Canon, as well as Epson Ink Cartridges. And to make it even more enticing (haha), they have a free-shipping promo everytime you spend $39 (or more) worth of products.

Hmmm...shall I change my mind? LOL.


Andres @ April 6, 2009 at 9:39 AM

hmm, US site to eh. more likely kung makakahanap ka ng philippine site more worth it sana.

octagon nalang or tca. relatively mura ang genuine ink prices nila kumpara sa other pc stores. and on par sila sa gilmore.

note na ingat sa gilmore, dahil yung iba open boxes, kahit ink

Leoj @ April 6, 2009 at 11:42 AM

para 'to sa mga readers ko sa US (haha. palusot)

sorry, hindi ko nacheck kung pwede ito sa'tin (tanggap lang ako nang tanggap ng task.haha)

anyway, salamat sa info, tungkol dun sa gilmore.

uy bakasyon na. magsummer class ka ba?

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