Expanding My Network

Though some of my friends consider me as a very people person, for me that isn't entirely true. It's true in a sense that whenever I am faced to a bunch of people, I know how to handle myself in front of them. I talk to them. I am being folksy, and I make sure that I'd be as humor-sensible as I could. haha. The truth is, I summon a lot of self-confidence whenever that happens, and sometimes it makes me quite spontaneity-deficient. But honestly, despite that fact, I still don't consider my self as a person who likes meeting new people, a lot of new people rather. I don't seclude myself from the people around me though. And as a proof, I joined different social networking sites as though I'll be meeting new friends. Yeah, I know there is a huge difference between real people and online people but sometimes online people tend to become more "real" than real people. I hope you're getting what I am up to.

The newest social networking site I discovered that I'm now starting to enjoy is the acobay. What I want in this site is that networking happens by people searching for the "stuff" they want and eventually get connected to other people who like the same "stuff" as well, and not by people searching for other people and from that, may or may not create a connection out of random stuff. I do not know if the former's better but the latter, as far as I can see from the old existing networking site, became a way of stalking people. LOL.

I can mingle with other people from the books I want to read to the music I enjoy listening to. I also get to know people who like the same movies and TV programs as I do. And people can get in touch through just anything. So there it goes. If you find it cool, I encourage you to join the site and let us all be connected.


the donG @ April 3, 2009 at 7:15 PM

leoj, this is an unrelated post. hndi ko pa natangap email mo. Email ka lang sa i.dongho@gmail.com.