On Crowd Control

Hmm, February is fast approaching! And when it's February, every UP student is excited. Excited to experience another week-long concert, bazaare, and fun in what we call UP FAIR. Wuhoo! I, for one and for sure, will be attending this event since it would be my last fair as undergraduate student (crossing fingers).

Last year's fair had not been 'fair' for some people who attended it though. In the 5th day of the event, 'people' who were restricted to enter the event created a riot, to the point that they destroyed the fence around the venue. Hmm, but I do not mean that the crowd control capability and strategy of the organizers was not enough and effective. These 'people' I am talking about were really burning with rage for the reason that they were not allowed to enter the event. Well, I can say that the organizers' reason(s) for not letting them in were very valid and these 'people' had no reasonable reasons to act that way. How can the organizers allow them to enter if some of them did not have ticket as the main pass in the first place. Some were really dressed up like they're going to do something bad inside. They are type of 'people' who will give you a suspicious look as if they want to eat you up. They give you this look as if they want to beat you up if you're a guy, or give you a malicious look if you're a woman. I said that the fair is 'unfair' for some people because they have to suffer from physical injury and hospitalization because of the trouble brought by these 'people'.

These 'people' just don't understand what stanchions and barricades are! Hmm, hear me out 'people'...these are for crowd control! If you guys encounter these things again, for your mother's sake, please do read it as 'discipline'! As for my suggestion to the organizers, setting up a velvet rope might help. At least it will give them a sort of ooops-I-do-not-want-to-break-that-beautiful-barricade thinking. Haha.


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