Repost: Commensalism wtih Blogger

It's one and a half year (or so) since I first made a first post here in my blog. And just so you know people, my original blog name has something to do about travel. That is why my first two entries were about places in the Philippines. And so why did I change it to my current blog name?Well, I have not-so-cogent two reasons: first is that I was very much overwhelmed by the concept of alchemy after watching all the episodes of the anime full metal alchemist for two consecutive days; and secondly, the "situation" compelled me to do so. By the "situation", I mean I realized that I won't be able to post entries since I don't travel a lot, that I was just overpowered by my whimsy imagination, and that as for the moment, traveling is just a make-believe idea. I don't repudiate, nevertheless, my will power because I know someday I shall travel the world! LOL!

Anyhow, I think I have already established my mind that the current name of my blog would be the permanent identity of this blog. Well, perhaps that isn't until I transfer to my own website. But it's way way too far from now. I even don't have enough funds to maintain my own domain. And speaking of, I want to share what I discovered. I found a site where you can browse a directory of
web hosting providers -- from cheap hosting to multiple domain webhosting. Actually, it already listed the top ten among the web hosts they have rated.

I hope that helps because as for me, I think the ending of the symbiosis between me and blogger is not yet impending.