Weather and Sports

Lately, I have taken interest in the weather. Sometimes it even becomes a topic for conversation. I feel so old.

April and May are summer months here in our country. This year, we have experienced the "wettest" summer months, at least in my existence. Believe me, after almost two months of cold and gloomy weather, I began to miss the sun. Almost every single day, it would rain. Perhaps this is one of the effects of global warming. I knew we should have listened to Al Gore! Hehe.

June, on the other hand, is supposed to signal the start of the rainy season. Guess what? The weather is hotter than Hades, humid as...humidity can be. There. I can almost blame the heat for my non-productivity. I'd rather lay in bed than do anything that would make me break a sweat, and with this weather that could mean an activity as petty as standing up.

And since I had been blabbing about weather, I read online that the US Open golf season is on going and the weather is giving the players a hard time.

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Also, say "hi" to the sun for me!!!