Repost: On Cars

The thought of having my own car has been bugging me out for about a month or so. And unrealistic --as of now-- as it is, I am actually having a sense of indulgence from that (day)dream! But, do I know how to drive professionally yet? Well, I don't (yet)! hehe! I'm learning though. I've been practising since last two months whenever I had the time. In fact, I got a student license already, which is a fact that both depresses and delights me. It was depressing because my younger brother had his non-pro license already, and it somewhat makes me a bit envious! I'm pretty much satisfied to have a student permit though.

So, will a Lamborghini compensate my deluded mind? Of course, nah! Because the appropriate term is overcompensate! Hehe. But seriously, if I am capable of buying a car now, I prefer Chevy. Driving a chevy camaro could yet make me happy next to having a Lamborghini. Haha! I want a cool yellow or an awesome black camaro now! Can anyone buy that one for me? Please?! :D I'm drooling now. Most especially by seeing these
dodge viper photos. WTH!

Oh well,
honda accord could as well settle me down from my lavish delusional thought! And what about this new toyota corolla specs and kia forte specs? Ugh! I am now confused! What to do? Hahai, as if I can have one now! LOL!