stuck in reverse

I haven't been updating this blog for like a month or two now. All right, what I mean is, I haven't done a REAL blog post since...uhm, I actually don't know when. I got no sense of time recently. Many things had happened in a spur. And up until now, things are happening so fast. It just can't help but to put any plans and timetables you got in disorder. Well, isentropic life would be boring anyway, so just compromise and let it be. Now, I can just hope to sketch some unfeigned me in here. Although, I am supposed to be in chemical-kinetics mode right now; enticed am I to do other stuff such as this one, sadly. I am relieved, though. Because, I am doing something, at least, rather than nothing.

I got a lot of things to say. things that I want to clear up even to myself. But as many would say, "I can't express myself. I do not know where and how to start it off."

D**n life. No matter how I try to fix it, it just gets more and more disarrayed.
Anyway, here's how I prefer to put my thoughts:


Stuck in Reverse

Was this what you call echt?
When there was a spontaneity dearth.
You thought it was non-reversible.
But equilibrium was the main principle.
To make it forward-biased, you wished.
Sadly, not enough was what you unleashed.
You yearned for it and gave a hopeless sigh.
For you, 'twas the last and do-or-die.
Until you knew the opposite was the dominant.
You became less chromatic but more resistant.
So then, you still fight but stuck in reverse.


aiLee920 @ August 10, 2009 at 7:50 PM

i love the photo and the poem-like post... COOL!

Leoj @ August 10, 2009 at 8:11 PM


uhm, the post was indeed a poem, and not poem-like. hindi ba siya obvious? :( well anyway, I'll do better next time.

the photo was my hand, btw. :D

thanks again!

aiLee920 @ August 10, 2009 at 8:34 PM

hehehe uu nga pala... buwan ng wika ngaun.. hahaha hindi naman ako nagkamali na tula un, kaso, baka kz kanta un, kaya sinabi ko na lang na poem-like... paxenxa na po... hehehe maganda naman ung tula mo eh... hmmm... mabihasa kaya akong magtagalog sa pag bibigay ng komento sa mga ganto... hehehe

optimistic dora @ August 26, 2009 at 3:17 AM

r u stuck in reverse leoj? hehehe... get recovered now... how's life anyway? u know, i really aimed to study at UP Diliman, even for one semester, hehehe... just to experience wat is life studying in UP. How i wish...