Hot! Oh So Hot!

Didn't you feel the climate change lately? From extremely cold to fairly cold and then I think in the first week of February the climate became hot (but in tolerable degree of heat) and now to uber hot!

But wait, that's an indication that summer is coming! Yey! One month to go and I am again free of academics! Whew, can't wait for that! I think this is the reason why I, or we, should not detest the shifting that the climate has undergone. And in fact we should be grateful that we have an urge and we have all the reason now to take a bath (for those of you who don't.LOL), and to take a bath twice or thrice or even more in one day! I know there isn't much more refreshing than to indulge yourself in your ideal standard bathrooms jammed with all the bathroom accessories you vainly needed! Well, as for me, I just simply want to freshen up in kudos showers :)


lucas @ March 2, 2009 at 9:55 PM

here in laguna, i noticed that the days are so hot but the nights i find really cold. hehe! parang desert ang climate! hehe! extremes!

wee. bakasyon na naman!

Leoj @ March 3, 2009 at 1:19 PM

yup. i noticed that too. ang tinutukoy ko kapag umaga. hehe