Video Games Mania

It's been soooooooo long since I played video games. And while I was writing this entry, I saw our olden nintendo family computer.hahaha, funny! Gee! I missed those "nintendo days", when my siblings and I were still able to bond together and stay late at night just to play and play computer games. I missed those moments when our parents kept on upbraiding us for that matter, and as if we were prisoners of the addictive games. Hahaha, that was sooo uncool! lol!

Anyway, speaking of video all fanatics and in-the-making-fanatics of psp games there out, lemme help you by giving this link so as to guide you which games is the best. If you are rather a game boy person, check this game boy advance game guides. From goofy fun to all-ages package gameplay, you'll surely find satisfaction. And oh, if you are seeking for xbox games and want an effort-stimulating yet pleasurable games, go click this xbox game guides link.

Alright! enjoy those cool and great links folks. It's always nice to have something to enjoy with like video games! lols!